Karla's storyteller photography is the best elopement photographer in Los Angeles and Orange County. 

If you and your partner don't count on a big budget to plan an extravagance expensive wedding, but you still dream of wearing a beautiful long wedding dress with your significant other dressed in a nice suit than eloping is the best way to go. 


There is nothing more romantic than running way secretly with the love of your life to a beautiful outdoor location and have a private ceremony elopement on a pick of a mountain or big landscape with a beautiful sunset on the background. 


Just because you are not having a big wedding doesn't mean you can't have beautiful romantic photos of that particular moment you and your partner said yes. 


 Alternatively, just if you are seeking a photographer to capture your anniversary photos and you want to wear your expensive wedding gown one more time and get your dreamed wedding photographs, you can still do it.


Who said you could only wear your wedding dress ones, this is the perfect excuse to wear your expensive dress again. 

If the photographer you hired didn’t deliver the beautiful wedding photos you expected on the day of your wedding, don’t worry this is an excellent idea to try to recreate the romantic bride and groom photographs.  



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Layla & Elijah

Malibu Beach Elopement 


Tamara & Damian 

 Courthouse Elopement


Luis & Michelle 

Guadalajara Elopement 


Connie & Mario

Palos Verdes Elopement 


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California Desert Elopement 


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