Schedule a beautiful Maternity session, Mommy & me or Family Portrait
with Los Angeles photographer Karla. 


Start a family tradition with a family portrait with Los Angeles family photographer Karla's Storyteller Photography.

With time flying, capturing the happier moments of your family life can allow you to preserve the love and memories forever. Take advantage of the time you spend together and turn a casual family gathering into a tradition by hiring a family photographer for your portraits.

With Karla's storyteller photography, you can turn your photography session into an enjoyable and memorable experience, helping make your images more vibrant and the photoshoot, even more fun.

Whatever your idea is, Karla does her best to accommodate your needs. 

We are offering indoor studio family photo sessions in Downtown Los Angeles and Huntington Beach to beautiful outdoor sessions at beaches, gardens, landscapes, and parks. 

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Family Gallery
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Family portrait photography should be an essential part of your life. 


Like most people, you thought about having a professional family portrait taken, but it just has not happened. You find it hard to figure out how to put everyone together or you to busy to think of a lovely outdoor location or what to wear. Often we forget about our past because we are so busy building our future.  

Parents often realized they wished they had taken extra time to capture their group family portraits with their toddles when they had the chance. 

As kids become teens or adults, the harder it gets to gather everyone together. 


Karla's Storyteller Photography family portraits are done at the photo studio in Downtown Los Angeles and offer beach family portraits in Laguna Beach, Palos Verdes and Malibu Beach. 

In Karla's Storyteller Photography, we help you put your family session together, making it an easy and fun experience; we give you beautiful outdoor locations near you. 


With our busy schedules, we must have some reminders of home to keep us grounded. Karla Delgado offers her services in providing beauty family photos so you can keep your loved ones close to your heart wherever you go.